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Shit Show NHL Fantasy League – Draft Results & Predictions

Hockey season! The time of year that every NHL player gets their chance to impress us fantasy hockey owners.

It is shaping up to be another great season. Typical GMs drafting players still in junior hockey, Chara not drafted until the 7th round (#51 total) and somehow Malkin was not a top five pick.

With every season comes the banter. Even though this won’t stop the league from throwing ‘nades at each other, we have predicted standings.

NHL ShitShow Draft Results

*based on season 2012-13 stats, player totals added/averaged to see standings. does not account for players stats impacted by injuries during 2012-13 season.

Best manager? Team ScribbleScrabble has placed #2, #2, and #1 the past three years respectively.

Most flexible? Harvey’s Wildabeast has 6 dual-eligibility players.

Best team name? Goalarina of Time. Hands down.

Team Travis’ Mom is a MILF given Andre Nozik award for using a 12th round pick on Jonathon Drouin who is still in junior hockey. Same rounds as Joe Pavelski (C, RW). Idiot.

The League on FX – watch it.

Who wins?

Goalarina of Time.

2nd – Harvey’s Wildabeast (me/biased)

3rd – ScribbleScrabble

4th – Dan’s Dazzling

5th – Blair Bear

6th – Josephs

7th – Trav’s Mom

8th – Beavers

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  1. True Fantasy Hockey Expert says:

    I disagree. Harvey’s wildabeast will win!

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